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3D Arena - Scan Without Targeting!  Tracking Technology for Design Studios.

3D Arena Benefits

• Effectively determine absolute machine position in working space.

• Utilize wireless probing and multi-spectrum light scanning seamlessly in the same coordinate system without the need for transformation.

•  Ideal for small and large working volumes.

•  Automatic 3D scan alignment. No Photogrammetry targets required to accurately align data.

•  Quick setup makes equipment easy to use and learn.

•  Hidden points not visible to he scanner may also be measured with wireless touch probe.

• Capture discrete point probing as well as high density scan data with the same equipment setup.

• All portable optical measurement equipment stored in heavy-duty flight cases.

• Durable components. 3D arena is designed for use in the harshest shop-floor  environments.

• Onboard frame detection System monitors vibrations and checks data collection accuracy in real-time.

3D Arena Applications

Inspection tasks on large components under shop floor conditions.
• Reverse engineering of  large parts.
• Scanning models for Rapid Prototyping.
• Any application that requires a portable CMM and high quality and high density scan data.

3D Scanning with 3D Arena is  Fast , Accurate and  Reliable

  • Scan without targets!  


  • Combines the latest technology of MoveInspect and StereoSCAN 3D scanner.


  • Aicon MoveInspect sets up a large working volume. Aicon's Breuckmann StereoSCAN 3D scanner precisely and efficiently 3D scans parts ranging in size of a lug nut to a full size car.


  • Customizable 3D Arena may consist of any number of Move-Inspect cameras mounted on a rigid camera frame outside the designer’s focus (e.g. ceiling-mounted). 


  • Integrated MoveInsepct system automatically determines reference working space.


  • Measurements are automatically transformed into the object coordinate system.

 3D Arena optical tracking of automotive components
3D Arena Technical Specs

Technical Specifications:

3D Arena 3D scans propeller

 NaviSCAN at Wyman Gordon


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3D Arena lightweight and durability allow designers  uninterrupted movement and view of the scan object.

Aicon's StereoSCAN rugged enclosure makes it possible to 3D scan in the most unpredictably harsh environments