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StereoSCAN Neo 3D scanner Flexibility:

  • Asymmetrical camera setup implements 10°, 20° and 30° triangulation angles that easily enable the StereoSCAN blue/white light 3D scanner to capture scan data within complex areas and deep pockets.
  • Exchangeable high quality Schneider lenses ensure rapid switching between different white light scanner measurement configurations.
  • Camera modules may be mounted quickly and easily in various positions on the sensor base.  Even small objects can be measured without the need to change the 3D scanner sensor base.

StereoSCAN neo 3D scanner Accuracy:

  • Two digital cameras (available as 8 or 16 mega pixels) guarantee the highest resolution and accuracy.
  • The Breuckmann Stereoscan's carbon fiber base structure ensures optimum mechanical and thermal stability of the sensor.
  • Breuckmann's OptoCAT software package provides intelligent data management procedures based on quality criteria, resulting in a high degree of data certainty.
  • Effects from environmental uncertainties while collecting 3D scanning measurements are minimized as acquisition time is only one second.
  • The StereoSCAN HE blue light and white light 3D scanners are VDI/VDE 2634 certified. This 3D scanner's metrology calibration is a quick and easy procedure that may be implemented by the user within minutes.

3D scan the object then display color deviations of measurement to CAD on the object

  • 16 Megapixel cameras enable 3D scanning at the highest precision
  • Very short scan times using fast digital projection
  • Color back project measurement results from OptoCAT or Polyworks (deviation maps / cross sections, etc)
  • Adaptive full color projection with color and intensity control
  • Rugged Exterior makes the StereoSCAN Neo suitable scanning for the harshest production environments

StereoSCAN NEO - See What you Measure!


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