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Aicon TubeInspect P8
The TubeInspect P8 is the new benchmark in high precision 3D tube and wire measurement.  The P8 is suitable for diameters of 1mm - 125mm.  TubeInspect P8 can replace your current gauges to provide a more efficient quality assurance method to measure your tubes and wires.  Click here for more info on this exciting new TubeInspect model.
Third Dimension GapGun Pro

GapGun Pro improves on speed, ease of use, portability and ruggedness.  This hand-held laser profile measurement is 20x faster than manual measurement methods.  Wifi connection is now included the GapGun handle allowing the user to seamlessly upload GapGun measurement results.   The ultra high resolution touch screen improvements make it easier to navigate and clearly view measurement results. Click here to learn more information on the latest GapGun model.

The new stereoSCAN NEO 3D scanner has the capability of using color and intensity control to optimally adjust to the given surface properties.Using the SWYM technology, it is now possible  to visualize the results of a measurement directly on the object.  Click here to find out more information on this latest 3D scanner from Breuckmann.

Featured  Products

Accurex is excited to announce a new vision product to inspect parts, Lynx manufactured by G2 Metric.  With Lynx it is possible to automate the inspection process to quickly check for presence, proper orientation, count and color.    Using advanced AI image matching frame comparison algorithm this vision system is also capable if detecting the right color part and the proper number of parts have been installed. Click here for more info.

  Accurex specializes in 3D scanning, coordinate measurement, and optical gauging systems.  Our products are used for inspection of complex surfaces, tube inspection, gap and flush measurement, vehicle crash testing and deformation measurement.  These high accuracy systems use optical and laser technology to quickly collect data and provide feedback.

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