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   DPA Inspect close range photogrametry systems permit on site inspection and error detection without timeconsuming interruption of production lines. Aicon DPA Inspect systems are portable pieces of equipment that no longer require that parts be transported to a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM).  DPA photogrammetry can be used in unstable environments and locations which are difficult to access.

 Photogrammetry Aicon DPA targeting of airplane body

DPA Inspect Benefits

  • On site inspection and error detection without time consuming interruption of production lines.
  • Extremely light weight and portable.
  • No measurement size restrictions. Measure parts that range from a few millimeters up to many meters in size.
  • Stable measuring instrument positions are not required.
  • Results are visible within seconds of completion of photogrammetric measurements.
  • Aicon 3D Studios DPA software measurement results Integrate with PolyWorks, RapidForm, Metrolog, Metrosoft and other metrology software packages.

Photogrammetry Applications

  • Inspection of sheet metal parts and tolerance analysis.
  • Fixture inspection .
  • CAD comparison.
  • Roundness inspection, e.g. tunnels or tanks.
  • Measurement of large steel fabricated structures.

Photogrammetry principles 

  • Images can be processed at any time and are independent of the camera.
  • Statistical analysis of results are provided with specific accuracy information of every 3D coordinate.
  • Aicon DPA software automatically calculates the 3D coordinates of all photogrammetry targeted points.

DPA Inspect Measuring Principle

  • AICON’s DPA close range photogrammetry systems are portable 3D measuring machines that use a high resolution digital camera for data collection.
  • The part can be any size and is photographed from a number of directions.
  • Photographic images are processed either simultaneously with data collection (online processing) or after data collection (offline processing)
  • Aicon 3D Studios software automatically calculates the 3D coordinates of all targeted points on the principle of spatial image triangulation (photogrammetry) and is fully automated.
  • Calibration of the included Nikon camera is not necessary prior to survey because the software employs an integrated simultaneous calibration procedure.
AICON's DPA Pro and DPA Inspect close range photogrammetry systems are capable of measuring parts ranging in size from a few millimeters to many meters in size. Objects as large as aircraft can be measured. AICON's DPA systems employ handheld digital camera suitable for use on large objects that cannot be moved to a CMM. AICON's DPA systems are especially appropriate for use when the environment requires that time onsite be minimized. Results are delivered by AICON's powerful 3D Studio software within seconds of measurements completion.

 Aicon DPA Photogrammetry kit components

 DPA Photogrammetry target cube adapters

 3D studios Polyworks dpa report of car body deformation
Aicon 3D studios software screen shot of car body point cloud

 Aicon Photogrammetry collection of autobody

DPA Inspect - Accurate, Portable and Familiar measurement process


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