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  Advances in high end professional digital cameras and software are revolutionizing industrial close range photogrammetry. Portable DLSR cameras make it possible to collect data quickly, and in locations where it is not practical to us larger instruments. The simplicity of Aicon DPA Pro photogrammetry makes it one of the easiest metrology systems to learn and use. Aicon DPA Pro photogrammetry system is the ultimate portable tool for analysis of how objects deform over time.

3D data collection speed makes DPA Pro photogrammetry ideal for many applications. It can be used in:

  • Narrow, confined spaces
  • Unstable platforms
  • Elevated temperatures
  • Highly congested close range environments
  • Difficult to reach areas
  • Ideal for "before" and "after" measurements such as deformation studies.


  • Fast data collection.


  • Extreme Portability.  Includes rugged yet small case.


  • Easy to use and learn close range photogrammetry system.


  • Automated, real time  3D Calculation.


  • High Accuracy


  • Effective in Hostile and Unstable Environments

DPA Pro Applications:

  • Environmental Chambers
  • Deformation analyses in vehicle safety test
  • Load deformation analysis
  • Crash test analysis

DPA Pro Components:

  • High resolution Nikon camera
  • Aicon 3D Studio software
  • Laptop computer
  • Magnetic and adhesive reflective targets
  • Certified Scale bar
  • Complete training and set up by Accurex

DPA Pro Camera

  The DPA Pro industrial photogrammetry system has been optimized to make the best possible use of recent developments in professional digital camera design. Commercially available high end digital cameras have evolved to become components of first rate metrology system. Mass production of these cameras keeps cost down.

  Aicon selects specific camera models after rigorous testing.  Each camera is also fully tested and the characteristics of the optical components are mapped before the system is provided to the customer.


  Only cameras with very stable body construction, and consistent performance of the sensor components are selected components for AIcon close range photogrammetry products.

  AICON 3D Studio is an efficient control panel to photogrammetric measurement modules. Data from AICON measurement systems such as DPA Pro, ProCam and from other systems are recorded and processed.

  • Graphic viewer allows easy visualization of measurement results.
  • Wide range of tools for comprehensive analysis of coordinate data.
  • Geometrical elements such as planes, spheres and cylinders can be obtained from the 3D coordinates and entities such as distances, angles can be obtained.
  • Calculations are accompanied by a wide range of statistical analysis that provides information on accuracy.

DPA Scale Bar and Targets

  Photogrammetry measurements are naturally dimensionless. To scale a measurement, at least one known distance is needed. Using the certified calibrated distance of the scale bar within the DPA Pro close range photogrammetry kit, the distances between all points taken during photogrammetry measurements are computed. Coded and non coded photogrammeric targets are available in many various diameters and may be unreflective or reflective. Specialty Aicon coded targets are used by the 3D studio software to “stitch” together all photographs taken during the data collection process. Uncoded targets can be easily adhered to the component being measured to report the 3D coordinate dimensional data of interest to the end user.
  • Targets are available with magnetic or adhesive backings for fast marker placement.
  • Adapters allow users to tie into coordinate system.
  • Photogrammetry targets are automatically identified and the camera is calibrated during the computations to provide the best measurement results.
  • Reflective photogrammetry targets make data collection possible in most lighting environments.

DPA Inspect/Pro Training

  We provide on site support for training and integrating your new measurement systems into your work flow. Installation includes application support and training that is designed to increase the efficiency of your process.

Photogrammetry Principles

  Photogrammetry is the technique of measuring objects (2D or 3D) from photographs.  Photographs taken from two or more locations, can be developed from each camera to locate points on the object. These lines of sight intersect producing 3D coordinate since targets are being measured each time. Accurate deformation data can be collected even if points are moving independently.  During data collection, there is no need to touch the part.

Photogrammetry Targeting / Setup

  Proper planning is necessary prior to completing a successful measurement. Important information must be realized about the part in the measurement. Before starting a new Photogrammetry measurement, the following variables regarding the object must be taken into consideration; object visibility, shape and size, targeting capability and the level of accuracy required. Before photographing, targets are applied to the object. Reflective or unreflective coded and uncoded targets are placed on and near the points of intent.

Photogrammetry Data collection

  Data collection is fast and easy.  The better the quality of the photographs (as to calibration of the camera, lens parameters and as to quality and image definition) the better the final model will be. The photos must overlap each other as the same places in the object must be seen in several photos.

Photogrammetry Analysis

  Photographs are directly imported into Aicon 3D Studio. The targets’ location in 3D space collected by the camera can be displayed as a 3D point cloud. All calculations are accompanied by a wide range of statistical analysis that provides information on the accuracy of the deducted geometrical elements and their reference sizes based on the achieved accuracy of the 3D-point measurement. The graphical representation of the results includes a differentiated representation of the individual results in color that allows the user to draw a fast and easy conclusion. The distinct representation of the complete project allows the user to control work already done and make changes if necessary.

 Woker performing Aicon Close Range Photogrammetry survey  of Hydro Turbine Rotary Stator

 DPA kit includes laptop, D800 Camera, scale artifacts, optional cube adapters and a target  starter pack

 Worker collecting dpa photoos of photogrammetry targeted part

 Metrologist collecting photos of dpa scale cross, reference and retro targets

 Aicon DPA survey of Satellite

 Aicon DPA Pro Photogrammetry  Survey at CERN

 Employee collecting photos during aicon dpa survey

 Aicon DPA photogrammetry cube adapters

Technical Specification:

DPA Pro - Collect critical data efficiently within the harshest environments


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