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  • Short setup time moving on a vehicle
  • 6-DOF measurements of movements in real time
  • High accuracies (X, Y, Z: ± 0.1mm, angular accuracy ± 0.015°)
  • Measuring frequency up to 490Hz at unlimited measuring time
  • Measuring results are shown as absolute values in vehicle coordinate system
  • No mechanical connection between sensor and engine block
  • Camera mount does not need high stability
  • Used for test drive and test station
  • High speed camera also applicable for motion analysis of any other object
  • Replaces traditional devices such as mechanical travel sensors.
  • Position and orientation of the measured points depicted with absolute values in the vehicle coordinate system.
  • Capable of monitoring movements of other relevant parts in the engine bay, i.e. movements of the battery box.
  • Non-contact measurement method with no mechanical connection between sensor and engine block.
  • Delivers reliable measuring results under extreme dynamic conditions.
  • Measuring frequency up to 490Hz
  • Measurement data can be recorded for an unlimited period of time.

The EngineWatch 3D optical measurement system is capable of measuring engine movements precisely.

EngineWatch Acquires engine movements in 6 degrees of freedom (6-DOF).

 EngineWatch assembled on car engine

 EngineWatch engine vibration 3D studios report

  EngineWatch is built around the high speed MoveInspect Technology. The camera consists of a high resolution CMOS sensor, an integrated high performance flash, and an image analysis processor. MoveInspect technology within enginewatch features extremely short shutter speeds of that are necessary for long-duration tests while ensuring the system is robust and stable over time.


  Mounted on a fixture, the MoveInspect camera directly focuses the engine block. The measuring principle is based on the detection of relative movements of two solid bodies. Therefore reference targets are placed on the engine block and on the car body in a way that the camera will focus all targets at the same time. Setup and calibration of the system can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The position of the camera to the engine block does not need to be stable as EngineWatch recalculates its position continuously using the reference targets. Hence, camera movements cannot influence the measuring results.

  The measuring images are analyzed in the sensor. Thus only the digital data are transferred to the notebook computer in real time, not the entire images. EngineWatch calculates the positions of the measuring points in X, Y, Z, and the rotation angle (alpha, beta, gamma) as absolute values in the vehicle coordinate system. For the presentation of the results, a path-time diagram is created showing the X, Y, Z movements in the vehicle coordinate system. In order to visualize the measured movements in a CAD system, the measuring results can be exported to post-processing software via an interface.

EngineWatch Functional Principle

Technical Specifications:

 EngineWatch Technical Specifications

EngineWatch - 6D dynamic engine measurement provides comprehensive vehicle testing


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