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GapGun Pro is the latest non-contact  laser profile measurement solution for quality inspection.  Hardware improvements to the uncontested existing market leader, GapGun MX+ product line improves speed, ease of use, portability and ruggedness.  The GapGun pro is the ultimate quality inspection tool to  measure gap and flush, radius, edge break, scratch, countersinks, angle and more.

GapGun Pro equips the end-user with an unrivaled performance and capability measurement tool

New Hardware enables faster performance and robust durability

-100% faster than previous GapGun models


-20x faster than manual measurement techniques


-Shock protection jacket encompasses high perfomance components


New features allow users to easily make effortless yet accurate measurements

GapGun Pro now has Wifi capabilities build into the hand-held GapGun Pro.  Measurement results can be immediately uploaded to your SPC package and/or Excel checkplans using wireless link or tabletop docking station.  GapGun Pro's high resolution full resolution display instructs users where to measure then indicates if the measurement result in addtion to haptic feedback and audible tones.  An On-screen guide also asssists the user in properly positioning the powerful and portable  hand-held GapGun measurement handle.

Completely portable High resolution and High precision measurement solution

- GapGun Pro RET (Resolution Enhancement Technology  captures 4000pts per trigger push.


- VChange sensor enables you to easily change FOV (Field of View) for wide range of measurement capability.


- GapGun Pro can be configured for 10u repeatability or 50mm max  feature size.


- High capacity handle internal battery supplies up to four hours of standalone time.


-Additional 6.5hrs can be achieved by attaching lightweight clip-on battery pack.



-          Fully Integrated Wi-Fi

-   Quickly archive measurement results to existing SPC package or custom checkplans

-   Upload user defined checkplans


-        Multipurpose Desktop Docking Station

-   Automatically upload results and profiles to PC immediately after plugging in GapGun


-          VChange Sensors 

-   Enables capability to measure wide array of surfaces from carbon fiber to high gloss black paint and chrome.


-        Market best Touch Screen

-   4x resolution of previous GapGun models

-   Easily read results and analysis in any plant lighting condition


-          Automatic Sync

-   Setup measurement points using built-in  teach mode or checkplan software

-   Sync checkplans and measurement data to corporate network, PC or laptop


-          System guides

-   Assists users through most complex tasks

-   Possibility to customize menu items


-          Onscreen analysis

-   Go/No go results conditional text formatting

-   View measurement cross sections  on handle and PC


-          Export Results

-   Export GapGun Pro Measurement results to XLS, CSV, PDF, SQL, XML and other common formats compatible with leading SPC packages i.e. QDAS

 GapGun Pro high resolution measurement head v-change illustration

 GapGun Pro with H stand-offs to measure Welds

 GapGun Pro measuring gap and flush of automotive interior

 GapGun Pro high resolution touchscreen LCD display allows end-user to pick then aim to collect measurements

GapGun Features

 GapGun Pro V-change system allows for easily swapping measurement heads

GapGun BSE Applications

  • Scratches and dents
  • Weld profiles
  • Profiles, turbine blades, small gap and  flush, radii.

GapGun Pro is capable of precision chamfer & radius inspection on the shop floor


Break edge inspection is a critical area of turbine manufacture. The GapGun Pro is used by major turbine engine manufacturers and several level 1 suppliers to control chamfers, radii and break sharp edges on turbine blade and discs.


GapGun Pro is an optical measurement system using the laser stripe as a datum measurement surface. Integrated SPC3d software analyses the image data of the surface and checks the measured profile against dynamic CAD.  The software displays to the operator exactly how the part compares to nominal dimensions.  The software warns the inspector when parts enter a “no go” condition

 GapGun FOV 7 ultra high resolution sensor meaures blade root valey and peak
GapGun Pro measures burr

GapGun Pro Measures Edgebreak

GapGun Pro Measures Burr

GapGun Pro Measures Countersink

GapGun Pro Measures blade root

 GapGun Pro Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:

 GapGun SPC3d software burr laser gage profile measurement screenshot

 GapGun Pro measures countersink

 GapGun Pro SPC3d countersink profile screenshot

 GapGun SPC3d software break edge profile measurement screenshot

 GapGun Pro gap and flush measurement SPC3d software screenshot
GapGun Pro - Revolutionary Step in Laser Measurement

 GapGun SPC3d laser profile screenshot of weld
GapGun Pro wireless clipart

GapGun Pro Performance for Five Feature Measurement  Check Plan

The video above demonstrates the performance of the GapGun Pro when measuring the same location five times.

A measurement is initialized when the trigger is pulled and displays results when an audible tone is heard and the Green LEDs turn off.

GapGun Pro Seal Measurement Exampl

Using a small metallic adapter it is possible to measure Automotive Door Seal Gaps

 GapGun Pro positioned for break edge measurement

GapGun Pro - The unrivaled high performance laser profile measurement tool


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 GapGun Pro positioned for break edge measurement


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