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GeoMagic Design X makes the process of creating parametric CAD models from real world parts faster and easier by utilizing a design process and user interface that is instantly familiar to CAD users.

  • Intelligent design process eliminates the need for complete scans of parts.
  • Create high quality CAD models from imperfect or incomplete scan data.
  • Save processing time by eliminating the need for polygon mesh cleanup and surfacing.
  • Models are instantly editable in both  Design X and major CAD systems.
  • Update existing CAD models to reflect changes in the as-built part.

The Most Comprehensive Scan to CAD Software Solution

  • True Hybrid modeling software for point cloud, mesh, texture, freeform surface and parametric solid.
  • Supports every possible reverse modeling workflow – Reflect design intent or generate an exact duplicate.
  • World’s 1st 100% automated tool for defect-free, watertight meshes from raw scan data.
  • Fully automated point cloud and mesh optimization for direct use of 3D scan data in RP, CAM, CAE and visualization.
  • Highly sophisticated yet familiar modeling capabilities utilizing universal solid and surface modeling features.
  • Sophisticated point cloud and mesh handling capabilities to create high quality meshes.
  • One-button quick B-rep surfacing to design analysis & verification applications.
  • Automatic re-meshing for generating CAE functional models – Scan-to-CAE.
  • Various 3D photography features (direct color texture editing) to manipulate texture color parameters.

Easy to Use

-A reduced learning curve through the use of a familiar CAD interface and design process

Time Saver

-A great time & cost saver saving 80%+ over conventional reverse engineering work flow while staying in the allowable deviation range


-A single software solution that fulfills the scan data processing, mesh healing and CAD modeling needs


-Intelligent tool that automatically extracts design feature parameters from 3D scan data – Redesign Assistant™

Removes doubt

 -Built in, real time deviation analysis tool – Accuracy Analyzer™

Easy Alignment

-Smart tool that intelligently identifies and aligns 3D scan data to an ideal design coordinate system – Align Wizard™

 Design X screenshot - solid model hub cap

 Geomagic Design X logo - reverse engineer engine block

 Geomagic Design X software screenshot aerospace turbine

Geomagic Design X - Combines history-based CAD with 3D scan data


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