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MoveInspect Functional Principle

3D  Dummy Positioning analysis

MoveInspect DPS Advantages

Technical Specifications:

MoveInspect DPS system consists of three high resolution digital cameras mounted on a horizontal bar, a wireless probe and target points. The crash test dummy is positioned in the vehicle according to the pre-determined standards and regulations the test is based on.
Combined with the MoveInspect DPS system, the DPS software module serves as optical 3D positioning aid that controls the 3D position of the dummy relative to the vehicle during the positioning process. Using measuring points or adapters, the current dummy position is recorded in real time, and compared to nominal data.

Referring to all collected points on the dummy measured and displayed simultaneously in vehicle coordinates, the technician is able to quickly put the dummy into the proper target position. Movements of the vehicle that are caused by the positioning of the dummy are compensated automatically because of continuous monitoring of a set of targeted reference points.

The system allows for the measurement of additional coordinates of single points, lengths or angles with the probe according to a predefined measuring plan. The results are shown in a measurement report. Further individual processing via an XML export is available.

MoveInspect DPS - Real-time 3D dummy positioning for vehicle safety testing


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•User independent and repeatable dummy positioning in compliance to international regulations.
•Ability to simultaneously record multiple measuring points in vehicle 3D coordinate system. Compare target vs. actual values.
•In contrast to articulated arms, the MoveInspect operator can move freely around the object to be measured as there is no connection between DPS sensor and probe.
•Switching locations is quick and easy because of mobility and transportation case. Reset your  positioning within minutes.
•The MoveInspect DPS modular design makes it suitable for general measuring tasks of larger measuring volumes by simply adding other components from MoveInspect Technology.
•High resolution digital cameras and  wireless probe for optimal dummy measurement and positioning.
•5M measurement volume.
•Rotating bar mount ensures proper cameras' viewing field for every type of vehicle.
•Applicable for both sled and crash barrier facilities.
•DPS software module developed specifically for dummy positioning.


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