Dimensional Measurement Systems


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  • Door Slam Testing


  • Analysis of the closure processes of hoods (e.g. trunks), convertible tops and windows


  • Testing of body component vibrations


  • Control of Industrial robots


  • Tracking 3D location of single or multiple points

MoveInspect Application

MoveInspect Functional Principle

  Tests with MoveInspect take only a fraction of the time and effort that traditional sensors need in laboratory tests. The measuring system acquires dynamic displacements optically and analyzes them with respect to their geometric change. MoveInspect’s core is a camera bar equipped with digital cameras. It is available in two versions using different digital cameras: MoveInspect HF (high frequency) and MoveInspect HR (high resolution).

3D Motion and Position analysis

3D Deformation Analysis

  • Defect analysis in production (e.g. during welding)


  • Behavior of components in wind tunnel and climate chamber


  • Analysis of collision damage


  • Material testing, structure analysis

  The inspection of parts with respect to their motion and deformation behavior is an important criteria in design.  In which situation is the object deformed unintentionally during production operations? How does an element behave under load? How stable is the material? When does it fracture? Moveinspect can be applied to detect geometric changes three dimensionally and to find precise answers to each question with the help of the measured data.  MoveInspect has the unique ability to record any number of measuring points at a high frequency for an unlimited period of time.  This is a true breakthrough in optical metrology.

  The high end version is able to conduct tests without a time limit a frequency of 490Hz. Both versions, however, allow for the analysis of any number of measuring points as determined by the operator.  For each point in time, the MoveInspect software determines, the 3D coordinates of object points, the 6-DOF coordinates of solid bodies, and the speed of the points and solid bodies.  The calculation is based on the principle of spatial image triangulation (photogrammetry) and is fully automated.

  • Identification of the 3D position and speed of a variable number of measuring points for an unlimited time period.


  • Performance of long term tests at frequencies up to 490Hz.


  • Significantly reduced setup work in comparison to traditional sensors such as motion sensors.


  • Direct link to central data acquisition system.


  • 3D deformation analysis also possible in destructive testing thanks to inexpensive target accessories.


  • Clear visualization of results including shifting vectors, way path diagrams and video sequences.


  • Further fields of application in vehicle dynamics.

MoveInspect Advantages

 MoveInspect touch probe used for dummy positioning

 MoveInspect three camera setup to measure automotive frame

 MoveInspect software measurement results screenshot

 MoveInspect 3D probing of frame

 Moveinspect dual camera setup

 Moveinspect single camera setup

 MoveInspect wireless probe collecting data points

 MoveInspect wireless touch probe hardware features

 MoveInspect Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:

MoveInspect - 3D measurement of dynamic processes


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