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New Statistical Process Control Methodology

  • Automatic recording of inspection objects measured on a set of pieces
  • Comprehensive set of statistical measurements, including Cp and Cpk.
  • Trend charts for all dimensions included in the standard PolyWorks/Inspector license at no additional cost

Mature Probing Solution

  • Major upgrade of all CAD import technology
  • New alignment method to bring a surface or cross-section within a tolerance band
  • Improved RPS alignment, including edge and shank datum targets
  • New offset cross-section object to handle cross-sections defined by multiple parallel planes
  • Enhanced caliper technlogy, including calipers with offset axes
  • Enhanced color map display with interpolated contour lines
  • Improved point-cloud-secitoning algorithm, including smoothing and hole-filling capabilities feature control frames, surface profiles, and color-mapping tools for analysis
  • Re-engineered EZLayout reporting module, including new page-driven workflow graphical tools

 Polyworks features Surface Analysis, GD&T, Boundary Analysis, Soft Gauging

PolyWorks / Inspector Probing offers:

  • Standard probing tools: alignment to CAD, probing of features and cross-sections, comparison to CAD surface and boundary, customizable reports, and more.
  • Unique probing functionalities including configurable flush & gap and profile gauge probing.
  • Free IGES, STEP, and STL translators and plug-ins for a wide range of arm-based and hand-held probing devices, Aicon DPA, and laser trackers.

 Polyworks 2014 includes High-Quality Meshing, Digitizing CAD, Visualization, Aerodynamic Simulation

PolyWorks/Inspector Probing offers unique benefits to its users:

  • Easy upgrade path to the complete PolyWorks point cloud engineering solution.
  • A completely customizable Xtreme user interface platform that allows customers to quickly define their own visual layouts, including very simplified interfaces for their shop floor users.
  • Re-engineered process workflows that deliver optimum performance in terms of user operations.
  • Free viewer for sharing inspection results among users, managers, and suppliers

Combine Digitized polygonal models and CAD models

  • Import IGES and STEP files
  • Generate watertight tessellated CAD models
  • Merge digitized and CAD polygonal models through surface stitching or volumetric Boolean operations
  • Automatically reconstruct selected CAD faces using NURBS surfaces fitted on digitized polygonal models, ideal for updating CAD models of modified dies

 Polyworks 2014 DIe Duplication and Competitive Analysis

Primary Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy
  • Metalworking

Primary Applications

  • Assembled Part Inspection
  • First-article Inspection
  • Metal Casting
  • Plastic Molding Inspection
  • Prototype Part Inspection
  • Sheet Metal Inspection
  • Tooling Inspection

 Innovmetric Polyworks 2014 3D metrology software platform

 Polyworks 2014 benefits

 Polyworks 2014 software sheet metal part 3D deformation screenshot

 Polyworks 2014 part to CAD 3D mesh comparison software screenshot

Polyworks - Software that seamlessly integrates with your 3D metrology equipment


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