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TubeInspect HD - 3D measurement of small tubes and wires

Aicon TubeInspect HD quickly and efficiently facilitates:

  • Set up of an automatic tube bending machine.
  • Monitoring of a tube bending machine‚Äôs production.
  • Reverse engineering of an existing tube for low volume production or spare parts.
  • Sorting of production.
 TubeInspect HD software 3D tube report

    TubeInspect HD an automated 3D tube measurement system:

  • Has eight overhead cameras that provide a fast, automated 3D measurement.
  • Has inspection software that will provide a COMPLETE analysis of tube shape and profile, not just at the bend points.
  • Provides optional direct feedback to CNC bending machines, allowing for quick corrections of out of specification parts and faster set-up of new part designs.
  • Requires no special fixtures or holding devices. Place the tube in TubeInspect and measurements and analysis are completed within seconds.
  • Compares tubes directly to CAD models or to a master tube. A go/no-go output indicates any areas in or out of tolerance.
 Any size bent wire fits into TubeInspect HD
 TubeInspect software screenshot - result comparison
 Employee measures 3D tube bends using tabletop TubeInspect HD

    WORLD'S FIRST - The Tube Inspect HD is capable of:

    • Measuring tubes and wire form parts shorter than 500mm
    • 3D inspection of short, thin tubes and wire form parts with diameters of 1mm up to 10mm
    • Various geometric feature evaluation such as bends, length of the part, and end-to-end distance of these small tubes
 TubeInspect software 3D wireframe mesh screenshot

    TubeInspect Software is very easy to use

    Tubes of any shape and size can be placed inside the TubeInspect Chamber

    Wireframe mesh allows user to easily and efficiently check bends and radii.

    Software outputs full detailed reports on tubes

    Technical Specifications:

 TubeInspect HD technical specifications


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