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  • White light scanner features progressive enhancement and additions of the already successful Breuckmann SmartSCAN and StereoSCAN technology
  • Outputs very high density and accurate 3D coordinate point cloud within seconds.
  • This 3D white light scanner is capable of preserving detailed resolution of dark and shiny objects.
  • Appropriate for automotive, mold making, tooling, quality control, and reverse engineering applications as well as art and cultural heritage preservation tasks.

•   Economic entry level solution for highly precise 3D digitization.

•   Equipped with either blue light projection for industrial applications or white light projection for scanning when color texture mapping information is required.

•   Compact design, low weight.  Length and width system dimensions are smaller than a sheet of 8"x11" paper.

•   Close working distance is ideal for applications in narrow environments.

•   Tripod, turntable and photogrammetry are available as accessories to carry out automated measurements and to easier capture even large volumes.

•   24 fixed configurations for most diverse measuring tasks.
•   12 measuring fields for every component size.
•   2 - 8 Mega pixel camera configurations are configurable for maximum level of detail.
•   Possibilities to scan glossy and dark surfaces without preparation.
•   Can be used with photogrammetry or automatic contour scan alignment.

PrimeSCAN - Scanning. Simple. Precision.


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