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  • ProCam is much less expensive.


  • ProCam has no moving mechanical parts.


  • ProCam does not require a special foundation.


  • ProCam is a  portable system.


  • ProCam is more flexible for interior object measurements

ProCam Wireless - Fast, simple and now Wireless Crash Vehicle Measurement

Why ProCam Wireless instead of a large CMM?

 Worker measures automotive feature points of automotive within target room

 ProCAM being used to measure hard to reach automotive interior features

Why purchase ProCam instead of an articulated arm?

  • ProCam is more flexible in obstructed environments.


  • ProCam allows 100% object coverage without relocation.


  • ProCam allows multiple measurement stations.


  • ProCam can be adapted to any measurement volume,


  • ProCam has no mechanical parts that can break down.

Save money and make ProCam your next CMM purchase

 ProcCAM used for dummy positioning setup

ProCAM Wireless - Easier Vehicle Safety Testing pre / post measurement


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  • The end user now has total freedom of movement with the handheld ProCAM probe around the vehicle, without the disruption of  cables. 


  • Battery power allows the measurement at least 50,000 wireless collected single  probe points.


  • ProCam is the fastest, most flexible system for 3D measurement of pre-crash and post-crash vehicles.


  • The operators' movement is not restricted:.  It is possible to move immediately to any point on the vehicle without relocating the measurement system.


  • Flexible and precise: homogeneous ± 0.1mm +0.1mm/m.


  • 802.11ac  provides fast wireless point data transmission directly to Aicon 3D Studio.


  • Exchangeable probe tips allow measurement of points behind any obstructed view such as engine compartments, behind pedals, brake pads, under-carriage etc.



  • ProCam module for 3D Studio provides pre and post crash measurement, evaluation and documentation.  Software features are tailored for easy user interface operation