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Very fast data acquisition, high feature accuracy and a broad choice of measuring fields are available

  • Two 5 mega-pixel color or black and white cameras and one projection unit.
  • Digitization for education, art, cultural heritage
  • Compatible with Windows XP 64 bit operating system

Since its market introduction this past December, the smartSCAN 3D-HE has already been utilized by a number of satisfied customers. In particular users have found that the wide range of measuring fields and the intuitive handling are greatly appreciated.

  • White light scanner features progressive enhancement and addtions of the already successful Breuckmann SmartSCAN Duo white light 3D scanner.
  • Dual 5 mega-pixel cameras allow for the preservation of details in high curvature and sharp surfaces.
  • Outputs very high density and accurate 3D coordinate point cloud within seconds.
  • This 3D white light scanner is capable of preserving detailed resolution of dark and shiny objects.
  • Appropriate for automotive, mold making, tooling, quality control, and reverse engineering applications as well as art and cultural heritage preservation tasks.

 SmartSCAN HE structured light scanner 3d scanning sheet metal parts

 Compact SmartSCAN HE 3D scanner measures deep, narrow structures
SmartSCAN HE 3D scanner Technical Specifications

Breuckmann SmartSCAN-HE Structured Light 3D Scanner


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