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  Chassis design is very important to new car development as it ensures optimal driving characteristics. Choosing the right design parameters requires extensive testing. For example, wheel housing design must allow sufficient clearance for various types of tires and their particular movements, and each wheel must be monitored to see how it behaves under extreme driving conditions or on bad pavements. Past studies have relied on mechanical monitoring devices which are complex in handling and may influence the driving behavior.

Vehicle Development for optimal Driving Characteristics

WheelWatch Functional Principle

  For the measurement of wheel movements, one camera for each wheel is mounted so that the wheel as well as part of the surrounding fender is visible. Special optical targets applied to the fender define the vehicle coordinate system. A lightweight carbon fiber wheel adapter is fixed to the wheel.

The position of the camera does not have to be stable as WheelWatch recalculates its position continuously using the reference targets on the vehicle fender. The wheel movement measurements are always provided in the vehicle coordinate system. Movements of the camera or camera mount do not influence measurement results, making the system inherently more stable than competing systems.

  The driver manually triggers the beginning and end of a measurement session. No other interaction with WheelWatch is required. The high-speed camera collects wheel measurements at a rate of up to 490 times per second.

  The image processor analyzes the digital images in real time and passes the measurement values to the notebook computer. Wheel target positions and target trajectories are available shortly after the image acquisition. In addition, WheelWatch computes all six degrees of freedom of the wheel in the vehicle coordinate system.

 Wheelwatch measurement principle setup

No mechanical connection between the sensor and wheel

  Measurements are non-contact and require no mechanical connection to the wheel. Consequently, driving characteristics of the vehicle are not influenced by the measurement equipment and steering motion is not restricted in any way. WheelWatch completely overcomes the disadvantage of other wheel monitoring methods because there is no risk of creating erroneous measurements due to the mechanical connection between sensor and wheel.

Light weight

  No heavy analysis units, batteries or controllers that may influence driving behavior are required, and the camera mount does not need high stability. Light weight mounting components can be used, which eliminates any significant influence on driving behavior.

Further application areas

  MoveInspect may also be used in related application areas such as door closure tests, engine movements, machine vision or robot control.

 Wheelwatch installed for vehicle on dyno

WheelWatch is a 3D dynamic measurement system specifically adapted for wheel motion and suspension dynamics.

 Wheelwatch apparatus mounted on sports car

 Closeup of wheelwatch wheel adapters
Aicon Wheelwatch kit components
Durable wheelwatch optical measurement system functional principle

 Wheelwatch positioned on car

 Aicon coded wheel adapter

 Wheelwatch technical specifications

Technical Specifications:

WheelWatch - Non-Contact, High Speed monitoring of wheel motion


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  • Accurate measurement of all wheel parameters including track, camber inclination, spring travel, steering angle and wheel clearance.
  • Several wheels or axles can be monitored simultaneously.
  • Optical measurement system using MoveInspect  high speed digital cameras.
  • No mechanical connection between sensor and wheel.
  • Self referencing to vehicle coordinate system in real time.
  • Easy to integrate into test stations.
  • Short setup time.