Guided Assembly with Augmented Reality

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LYNX-AR Projects Color Images on the Part

The LYNX-AR (Augmented Reality) model includes color projection capability.  LYNX-AR helps guide assembly by projecting color images, part numbers, or instructions directly on the part.  This will give operators assembly instructions with part images where they are most useful, making their job easier. When LYNX-AR is used for verification, an image of the correct part can be projected at the location where an error has occurred, allowing the operator to easily identify what part should be installed, or what has been removed or damaged.

Color Projection Is Better Than Laser Light

LYNX-AR Projects color images, eliminating annoying laser light.  Worker fatigue is reduced, and information is easier to understand.

The high resolution color cameras used in LYNX and LYNX-AR also make it possible to identify parts by color, which provides further information to ensure that the correct part has been installed.

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