Fully Automated Guided Assembly & Verification

Ideal for medium to large assemblies such as airframe components, jet engines, tubular assemblies, heavy vehicles, construction equipment, and weldments

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LYNX serves two primary functions in assembly and fabrication


Guided Assembly

Color images are projected on the part to show what component should be installed.



After all components are installed, LYNX will run a fully automated check to determine if they are in the correct location and orientation.

LYNX replaces manual verification

Build and ship complex assemblies more quickly. Avoid downstream problems. Increase profitability.

LYNX improves your assembly process through automation

  • Faster build and inspection time
  • Eliminate tedious manual processes prone to human error
  • Improve final product quality
  • Increase your staffing flexibility

LYNX automatically detects many types of non-compliance

  • Missing parts
  • Improper mounting or orientation
  • Damaged parts
  • Hole count
  • Correct part color

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