Measure break sharp edge, chamfer, profile, small gaps, radius and scratch

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Accurate, real-time measurements of edge profiles

BSE Break Edge is a high resolution version of the GapGun that provides accurate, real-time measurements of edge profiles that can be compared to nominal, upper and lower tolerances.  This system is 10 to 50 times faster with real time feedback for in process checks or final inspection.

With tolerances

Actual data is compared to nominal, upper and lower tolerance.

With tolerances

Deviation from nominal can be displayed as a whisker plot


Dimensional data as well as angles are clearly displayed


Numerical values are provided as well as a graphical display of the data


Cross-section data showing the depth and width of scratches


BSE Break Edge is ideal for complex parts such as this turbine disk.

Better Measurements. Faster Results. Easier to Use.

BSE - Break Edge provides real time results to the operator

Data is available instantly, increasing productivity. Measure where you need it, when you need it. Parts are checked on the production floor.

Save Time: 5 to 50 times faster

No longer transport parts to a QC lab. GapGun BSE has been designed to fit into your production process. You can put a measurement station alongside your production equipment. You now have accurate real time operator feedback in seconds instead of minutes or hours.

Excellent correlation between operators

Provides full audit trail for proof of quality. The measurement process is predetermined in the software. By using the identical calculations, multiple users will have high correlation and repeatability in their results.

Eliminates molds & provides a permanent record

By eliminating the time and error from the process of using molds, you dramatically increase the productivity of edge break measurement. And you will have a method that ensures each operator uses exactly the same calculation with permanent records to document the quality of your product.

Results are both numerical and graphical

GapGun Break Edge accurately captures detail about the shape of small edges. The operator not only gets fast feedback indicating if the feature is in or out of tolerance, it also provides an image to show what is needed to correct it.

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