3D Hairpin Inspect

3D Hairpin Inspect is a dedicated solution for the high-speed measurement in the production environment of stator hairpins for electric vehicle motors. The system supports the full process, including all steps to setup a hairpin production machine.

Instant Shop Floor Inspection to Support Stator Hairpin Production

Accuracy of the many conductors is important in the production of electric vehicles. 3D Hairpin Inspect is a solution developed specifically to address the need for accurate measurement of stator hairpins with their rectangular cross-sections, tapered end and complex 3D shapes

Manufacturers of motors for electric vehicles face many challenges when producing stator hairpins:

3D Hairpin Inspect Addresses these with 3D Optical Inspection Technology that provides:

Single Solution Measures Part at All Stages of Production


Wire Cut to Length


Formed with 2D Profile


Stamped to 3D Shape

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