Absolute Arm

Absolute Arm with BendingStudio is an excellent solution for superior tube/wire measurement and CNC bender correction. Ideal for shops with fewer CNC benders, a need for measurement portability or need to perform full GD&T inspection of complex tubing assemblies.

3D Scanner Solution

Measure All Shapes

Absolute Arm scanner measures all types of tube and wire including round, square, rectangular and oval profiles, freeform parts and parts with formed ends.

Assembly Inspection

Position and orientation measurement of end holders, fittings and brackets and ports through scanner point cloud analysis with CAD adapters.

Simple Free Scanning

Collect accurate tube and wire geometry data by simply running laser along the entire length of the tube top surface without need for complex fixturing.

Absolute Scanner AS1

Using cutting-edge blue-laser technology and advanced programming, the flagship AS1 3D scanning sensor combines ‘always-on’ maximum performance with simple usability to delivery high-productivity non-contact 3D measurement.

Absolute Arm

For prototype shops, quality labs or production environments with just a few CNC benders, Accurex offers the Absolute Arm laser scanner for tube and wire measurement. This versatile solution provides portability and measurement flexibility, often serving as a backup to TUBEINSPECT for mission-critical operations.

TUBE Probe Solution

Use Familiar Methods

Well-established technique using infrared non-contact tube probes and touch probes enable basic inspection for standard LRA forming of round tubes of any material.

Cost- Effective Alternative

Realize big advantages in speed and performance compared with traditional methods such as hard gauges and layouts.

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