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Suitable for
all types of tubes

TUBEINSPECT is suitable for all types of industrial tube manufacturing, from highly flexible thin brake lines to large exhaust pipes for heavy trucks.  TUBEINSPECT’s unique measuring principle allows the measurement of any tube geometry, and is not affected by surface texture or color.

TubeInspect capabilities continue to advance. It can handle many challenging parts.

Bend in Bend

Long Parts

Shallow Bends

Coiled Parts

180 degree bends

Freeform Parts

Formed Ends

Beveled Ends

Tube-hose Assemblies

Branched Parts

Assembly Inspection

Rectangular Cross-Section

Bus bar dimensional accuracy is important in the production of electric vehicles. TubeInspect with Bending Studio now has the ability to accurately measure rectangular profiles such as bus bars.

Power of BendingStudio with BendXtract

BendingStudio uses a complete scan when measuring your formed tube or wire instead of just a few data points or measuring only the straight sections, as older methods do. Having all of the data along the part gives you the most reliable and accurate measurement results. Perfect your process with all of the information to send the most effective correction to your CNC Benders. Not only does this give you the most powerful results, but it is also the easiest simple solution. It is set up for all types of products, simply place the tube or wire inside and get an automatic extraction.

Expedite Your Process Even More

CAD import tools speeds up your process. This will allow you to Import CAD Models

  • Creates BendingStudio Components
  • Automatically link Components for inspection

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